XTrack system is perfect for planning schedules for recurring tasks. It is used for example by trading companies, distributors, municipal companies and others, which perform their field tasks in cycles.

An employee planning cyclical route has an access to a map, which visualizes tasks of all the subordinate employees with a description of the cycle – day, frequency, time of execution, etc. The tag, shape, colour or size of points describing the location may depend on parameters such as: type of order/product, statistical parameters (e.g. the average quantity of delivered product, customer turnover, etc.), customer name or type, delivery frequency/day, schedule number. Calculations are carried out for each route to determine its time, distance, and the total quantity of goods to be transported, in order to give the dispatcher a complete picture of the planned route.

This very effectively optimizes the process of planning the schedules.

Depending on your industry, after creating a cyclic route, the dispatcher may obtain information such as:

  • estimated distance,
  • estimated travel time,
  • number of stops,
  • number of shipments.
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