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XTrack spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Gdańsk, Poland (XTRACK) is pleased to provide this Privacy Policy to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of identifiable information we receive from you through XTRACK WORKMATE APPLICATION (hereafter referred to as XTRACK WORKMATE). XTRACK reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and we will notify you of any material changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on the website at https://xtrack.com/pl/polityka-prywatnosci-xwm We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes. 


XTRACK is a manufacturer of mobile application XTRACK WORKMATE. To provide the users with full information we issue this document, which is intended to explain how XTRACK WORKMATE collects, uses, and shares the data. XTRACK WORKMATE is an application designed for use on mobile devices with Android System.  


The purpose of the application is to support the work of field employees withaccess to the most accurate and up-to-date information necessary to handle each taskand allow easily track their activities. XTRACK WORKMATE enables monitoring of GPS location (and other parameters set by the user) and enables to document work by sending reports, notes, and photos. XTRACK WORKMATE cooperates with software installed on XTRACK’s servers. 


To use XTRACK WORKMATE, apart from installing it, it is necessary to have an active web account provided by XTRACK. To set it up, it is necessary to enter the login in the e-mail address format (login). XTRACK creates such accounts for Customers (employers) with whom it has concluded a separate agreement.  


XTRACK WORKMATE can access the following permissions on the mobile device: 

  1. information about the mobile device; 
  2. information about the location; 
  3. camera for adding photos to the notes, QR code scanning; 
  4. memory (for saving data in a local database); 


Categories of collected data from a mobile device: 

  1. device data: device ID, type, system version;
  2. authorization data: login, password;
  3. location data;
  4. data contained in notes, reports, photos sent by user.


Ad. a) XTRACK automatically saves general info such as the device type, Android version.  This is used to help XTRACK to improve application performance and resolve issues.  

Ad. b) Authorization data is used for identifying the user as entitled one.  The authorization data of other accounts are not collected. 

Ad. c) One of the basic functions of XTRACK WORKMATE is to monitor the work of field employees, including the periodic transfer of determined data to the server. One of the parameters of this data is the GPS position. It is important to remember that after starting XTRACK WORKMATE, it works until it is turned off, which means that it can run in the background, which may not be directly visible to the user.  Nevertheless, the user still can see the application icon on the taskbar.  

Sharing collected data 

Collected data are disclosed only to the Customer. XTRACK does not sell or rent collected information to any third-party.  


We may disclose information in the following circumstances: 


Version: February 2021 

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