HomeYou optimise working time and reduce costs, while achieving a higher revenue

You optimise working time and reduce costs, while achieving a higher revenue

You reduce costs and achieve higher revenue thanks to:

  • Well-tested support mechanisms, quick and optimal planning of the task performance by dispatchers. 
  • Solutions to avoid downtime caused by unforeseen failures. 
  • Use of elements available on the free market as components of the XTrack system. 
  • Opportunity to perform parts of service procedures without XTrack’s involvement. There is no problem if your mobile equipment has failed. Download the XTrack app from Google or the App Store to a replacement equipment, connect it to the XTrack WiFi network in the vehicle and continue performing tasks. 
  • Our solutions are safe for your crew and do not reduce their performance. Data collection does not add tasks to the employees, reduce their level of safety or delay their work. 
  • Constant monitoring of resources and tasks performance according to the “trust, but verify” principle, which contributes to the promotion of fair practices in your company. 
  • Possibility of monitoring your company’s resources whose type does not allow you to install active equipment based on GPS technology. Our passive monitoring system works perfectly with this task. 
  • Increase opportunities to acquire new contracts that require advanced tools to document performed tasks. 
  • Improve the quality and scope of documentation and thus reduce the risk resulting from situations disputed with the ordering party. 
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