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Our company, from its very beginning (1989) has been working on the development and implementation of new products that often lead the market development. Over the years, we have extended our offer of GPS monitoring with solutions such as operational monitoring of vehicle-mounted equipment and chassis, planning and optimization of routes, RFID identification and management of field resources, fuel control, on-board communication systems with the navigation option, detailed analysis, etc. Our experience and passion allowed us to create a complete product that may be used in almost any vehicle or machine.

Flexibility and high quality of XTrack system made it appreciated by the manufacturers of special vehicles, who began to use our solutions as standard, factory fitted option or as an option that perfectly supplements their offer.

Rozwiązania XTrack dla producentów zabudów specjalistycznych OEM - ikona

What is the meaning of OEM abbreviation?

OEM abbreviation means Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM term is used to indicate companies that produce full and operational components for their partners, offering an added value to the final product.

An example may be the remote diagnostics of vehicle-mounted equipment, developed by XTrack (OEM) and suitable for mounting in special vehicles during their manufacturing, e.g. dustless vehicles produced by EKOCEL (final product).

Benefits of XTrack OEM

The needs of the market and the continuous technological development force every company at a certain development stage to look for innovative solutions in order to offer them as a first company on the market.

Your company’s offer combined with our knowledge and solutions will define the future directions of your industry. Choosing XTrack you receive our “know-how” and support services. In addition, we also take care of manufacturing and product development.

This means that extending your offer with XTrack system does not increase your expenditures and does not generate additional costs related for example with constructing servicing facilities. You receive our innovative and complete product of highest quality, which is customised to the requirements of your industry at a relatively low investment costs.

Another advantage is multilingual XTrack software, which greatly simplifies the work especially in an international team. Our network of services, sales and support is available in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania and other countries.

XTrack OEM to rozwiązania adresowane do producentów pojazdów specjalistycznych, którzy pragną poszerzyć swoją ofertę

Example of using XTrack OEM

For several years XTrack has been supplying remote diagnostics for vehicle-mounted equipment offered by EKOCEL. In 2008, all vehicle-mounted equipment produced by this company was adapted in the factory for installing XTrack system and in 2012 our system of remote diagnostics was a standard feature.

With XTrack remote diagnostics, the Ekocel personnel may use the on-board computer without the need to visit a servicing station in order to read the operating data, error codes and to reconfigure the operation of vehicle-mounted equipment. This easy access to information and the possibility to read recorded data facilitate maintenance services, reduce their costs and eliminate unnecessary downtime. This means increased customer satisfaction.

In addition, customers of Ekocel are provided with the opportunity to use the services and products offered by XTrack in the scope of monitoring of vehicles and their equipment (including the data on lifter and tail operation) on very favourable terms and conditions. This is combined with lifelong software licenses and maps and the ability to collect data only on the customer’s server.

Jointly developed weighing and identification systems have become a basic requirement of manufacturers of this type of equipment.

If you want to know more about the advantages of XTrack OEM, please contact our Polish office.

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