Anti-covid shield 

Keep your field operations safe and effective #stayinthegame

Comprehensive XTrack Anti-covid solution 

XTrack is an advanced vehicle and machine monitoring system, resource and asset management as well as comprehensive, paper-less field work documentation solution. 

With our authorized field-service partners we are able to carry out implementation and service works even under current restrictions (e.g. no possibility of renting accommodation on business trips), Taking care  for the safety of our employees and clients, we strive to apply the stringent rigors of organization and implementation of work.  

Amid Covid19 pandemic customers / markets / businesses – must still function. No one can afford to be out of business for months. Due to the current situation, we have prepared a special offer that will allow every entrepreneur to: 

  • Improve the safety of employees performing their tasks in the field – through tools enabling electronic communication and documentation of works,
  • Eliminate communications with field services where it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Manage resources remotely and electronically document their use. 

XTrack WorkMate App – documentation and communication

Software for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)intended to for use without the need to install any GPS devices in vehicles.

The flexible app layout designer allows creating custom user interfaces designed for optimal documentation of field operations and processesensuring immediate exchange of information and providing paper-less documentation.

The solution is used for two-way online office-employee communication based on a list of delegated tasks. The application supports the employee in successfully reaching their destinationminimizing the time spent by crews in the field. 

MoreoverXTrack WorkMate allows to locate assets without GPS modules and creates their own event-log. All thanks to RFID, NFC and barcode scanning identification. 

Planowanie zleceń
Rejestrator XT2

XT2 + professional GPS tracking for self-installation

range of devices installed in the vehiclewhich can be used for not only basic GPS trackingbut also reading the operational parameters of the vehicle from the CAN bus, monitoring the parameters of specialized vehicles reading the signals from the bodywork or using dedicated sensors.

The easiest way to equip a vehicle with GPS, is to use a module plugged into the factory OBD connector. Another available device is the module installed under the hood of the vehicle, with power connection from the battery clamp. GPS modules can be also installed in the cabin by the customer themselvesany qualified car service or using our XTrack service network. GPS tracker and XTrack WorkMate App create a great combination for full field work documentation and vehicle performance. 

XT4 terminal – monitoring and dispensing solution fuel/AdBlue tanks

Monitoring solution designed to work on the customer’s storage and dispensing tanks for Diesel, AdBlue, heating oil and other fluids

Self-service refueling is authorized with RFID cards, without the need of entering any PIN or touching physical keyboard. Web dashboard provides all the usage and level data, which is useful while planning the fuel supply. Data are presented in a clear format that’s easy to navigate, the user can easily change the list of authorized RFID cards. Moreover, the terminal cooperates with the RZX image recording devices – this configuration allows to automatically attach photos to all events recorded by the XT4 Terminal. 

Autoryzacja uankowań
Rejestracja wideo

RZX – on-board image recording system

RZX XTrack module automatically documents work through constant video recording and real-time data transfer using LTE technology.

RZX supports up to 4 digital cameras and in this configuration allows to monitor the full surroundings of the vehicle/machine/tank. In addition to the typical analysis of the work performed by the employees, the supervisor can also control whether employees comply with health and safety rules and guidelines resulting from epidemiological threats, as well as whether the behavior of the clients does not threaten employees.

The RZX module can work as an independent solution or can be integrated with other XTrack devicesWebX software allows image analysis both in the form of recordings and in frames grouped by location and time.

Take advantage of unlimited possibilities in times full of restrictions

Each of the XTrack solutions presented above can work as an autonomous service or in combination with selected other elementstherefore the scope of implementation can be adapted to your organization’s needsHoweveradvanced XTrack XT4 documenting platform combines the concept of IoT (“internet of things“) and the generalized object 

XTrack platform is designed to handle multiple data sources for each monitored asset and object. Data is cross-referenced between devices and objects, making data analysis simple and efficient. Complete history of any asset is just a couple clicks away. 

The comprehensive use of XTrack XT4 platform can be explained by the graph below for the following use case: • the company performs field work using a specialized vehicle equipped with GPS XT2+ and the RZX module • the employee uses a mobile device with the WorkMate app where all tasks are available • the vehicle is refueled from a fuel tank with XT4 terminal. 

  • WorkMate

• logged in employee • vehicle in use •  tracking of routesstops and other events  • list of tasks to be performed with implementation parameters and attachments • confirmation of tasks execution – photos of documentsobjects, notes and signatures • scanning the object identifiers at which the employee conducts activities, updating their location and history of operations • cost records (purchase invoicesmaterial consumption) 

  • GPS XT2+

tracking of routesstops • operational data from the CAN bus (among otherslevel and fuel consumptionmileageengine speed, axle loads) • evaluation of the employee’s driving style • information from the vehicle’s body sensors

  • XT4 terminal

data on the amount and date of refueling with automatic assignment to employee and vehiclebased on authorization of RFID cards

  • RZX

video recording and online data transferpossibility of attaching camera frames related to predefined special eventse.grelated to drivingactivation of specified vehicle body elements


Details of the #stayinthegame offer

If you want to know more about our portfolio or would like to get quotesplease contact us. We will propose the optimal solutions, scope and period of our cooperation 

If due to internal company’s procedures during COVID-19 epidemicit is not possible to implement XTrack system in your locationchoose solutions that do not require phisical contact: GPS XT2 + and WorkMate. We will implement the system and train your stuff remotely 

After the end of the “epidemiological crisis“, if you decide within 3 months to upgrade to more advanced XTrack configurations that require on-site assemblythen PPU Omega Sp. z o. o. will buy back devices installed as part of the “shield” for the samprice and will not charge subscription fees for them for the following monthsApplies to WorkMate and GPS XT2 +.


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