The driver starts the working day by logging into on-board XTrack Navi terminal, using a unique login and password. Immediately after logging, the system downloads the route and a list of orders assigned to the vehicle. The completed download of the route is immediately recorded in the dispatcher’s system.

Using geographical coordinates, the device navigates the driver along the route specified by the dispatcher, exactly to the location of performing the task. If the task is to be performed in a particular place, it is also possible to attach additional comments and photos. This is a huge advantage especially in large areas, where finding the correct facility or item may require additional time.

If the facility/item related to the order has already been inventoried and has its own RFID transponder, the driver uses a mobile reader to read its code. When the driver completes a task, he/she selects this task on the list of orders displayed on the terminal and puts RFID reader at the docking station. RFID number is automatically downloaded to XTrack Navi terminal and links it with the order. If the vehicle is additionally equipped with a weighing system, then the data of performed task will also automatically include the weight of collected/delivered load.

Along with order status, the driver may attach a note and photographic documentation. This is especially useful in cases where the order can not be completed for reasons not attributable to the employee, e.g. when there is no access to the facility/item.

Information entered by the driver is transferred to the database, enabling the dispatcher to monitor the progress of individual tasks and react to any situation requiring attention. GPS monitoring helps the dispatcher to track the vehicle’s current position on the map and to add additional tasks or change the route if necessary.

Electronic communication offered by XTrack makes the exchange of information between the dispatcher and the driver extremely simple and precise. There is no need for additional communication channels for transferring the orders, which significantly reduces time of their execution. The dispatcher does not have to wait until the vehicle ends its route, to check whether all the tasks are completed, as the system automatically transmits their statuses to the database. XTrack Navi offers also an additional option of voice communication module. In this solution, the driver uses a device with a microphone and speaker to select voice calls.

XTrack Navi is perfect for all types of tasks, regardless of their type, including water/sewage services, providing waste containers, picking-up mobile toilet cabins or delivering parcels by a courier.

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