How does XTrack GPS work?

XTrack GPS module is a modern tool allowing you to control and monitor in real-time the vehicles and machines operated by your company. The location of all components of the fleet may be displayed on a digital map, and if necessary, you may limit the view to a specific machine/vehicle.

By using the GPS signal, receiver determines the vehicle’s current position. Basing on this signal, the system calculates the vehicle speed and periods of driving and parking. The acquired data is stored in the recorder memory XTrack and regularly sent via the GSM network (GPRS) to a server, where it is collected and processed. These features enable you to display all the latest information on the selected vehicle and immediately coordinate its work or browse archived data to prepare short- and long-term analyses.

All data acquired by XTrack GPS is available after logging into the system. Visibility of the individual fleet components depends on access rights of individual users. For maximum convenience the collected information is presented in tabular form and visually on a digital map. This will give you a full picture of your fleet operations. Additionally, GPS monitoring and recording of driving times may be used to easily verify the correctness of the data entered in driver logs.

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