GPS tracking of the fleet is a standard
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Do you want to be sure that your fleet is managed efficiently? With the XTrack system you may check current and historical locations of your vehicles and machines, their speed, operation times and breaks, fuel consumption and a whole range of other recorded parameters.

We offer you a comprehensive solution, which uses precise GPS monitoring, control of fuel consumption and extensive analytical capabilities. It is an excellent tool that supports the management of any fleet of vehicles and machines.

XTrack system gathers all the information concerning your fleet in one place.

Monitoring GPS i kontrola XTrack - ikona


GPS (Global Positioning System) is operated and managed by the US Department of Defence. Its range covers the entire world and it is free of charge, in accordance with the policy of the United States. The main task of the GPS is to provide the user with information about his/her position and to facilitate navigation within the specified area. To use the system, you need a GPS receiver. This device is one of the components of XTrack system.


XTrack system accurately records GPS position of the vehicle or machine. Data is saved at certain intervals or at a certain mileage – you select data sampling frequency. To record the position of the vehicle, the system uses a GPS receiver installed in XTrack recording module. Gathered data is stored in the system, where you can analyse it or view on a digital map.

XTrack provides you with information on current position of your vehicles and machines, and also with ability to trace the history of drivers’ activities. The collected data will allow you to efficiently manage the fleet and quickly respond to any irregularities.

Monitoring GPS XTrack dzięki rejestratorowi GPS pozwala wyświetlić aktualną pozycję pojazdu na mapie.


Modular design, flexibility and superior integration with additional systems make XTrack a comprehensive IT platform that may be easily adapted to your business needs. Modules may be implemented in stages synchronised with the development of your company. Integrated XTrack platform supports planning, registration and control of current works allowing you to manage orders on a map, prepare schedules and use almost unlimited reporting capabilities. The above functions may be used thanks to the following solutions integrated in XTrack system:

On-board data-logging systems

XTrack recorder apart from gathering data from GPS receiver is also used to collect information related to the operational parameters of chassis and trailers/semi-trailers of vehicles. Such information is usually obtained by connecting the recorder to the CAN bus, or to specially installed additional sensors e.g. fuel probes, electrical sensors, on-board weighing systems or other measuring devices.

Pokładowe systemy rejestracji danych, monitoring pracy pojazdu, rejestracja parametrów pracy zabudowy XTrack - ikona
Zintegrowana gospodarka paliowowa oraz terminal paliwowy i TankMonitor XTrack - ikona

Integrated fuel economy

We give you the tool for comprehensive fuel management in your company. Using XTrack fuel terminal in your company’s internal fuel station will give you full control of dispensed fuel. Obtained fuel consumption data will help you to streamline fuel distribution in your company and prevent any intentional or non-intentional misuse.

Optimization and planning are key elements in effective operation of your company

XTrack system is also an indispensable tool to support the planning and optimization of business processes, both in short-term operational approach and in long-term strategic perspective. Almost unlimited configuration possibilities of XTrack software give you the ability to apply your organizational structures and processes on the map. With the support of digital maps and analyses of vast amounts of data stored in the system, you get a tool for increasing the efficiency of your business.

Optymalizacja tras i planowanie tras, trasówki, wyznaczanie tras, planowanie zadań, oprogramowanie dyspozytorskie XTrack - ikona
Identyfikacja RFID obiektów w terenie i inwentaryzacja - ikona

Identification and management of field resources

If you want to control your field facilities, then our system for identifying resources XTrack is a solution that will meet your expectations. Easily controlled inventorying process will assign all your items with unique codes and detailed descriptions, and their location will be marked on a digital map. This solution will allow you to efficiently manage your assets, assign them to different customers and control their distribution.

Extensive analytical capabilities will allow you to create various summaries and reports using data stored in the system. XTrack will help you to create the necessary documentation, and make accurate billing.

Bidirectional communication between dispatcher and drivers

On-board XTrack Navi terminal provides real-time electronic communication between the driver and dispatcher. The route planned by the dispatcher includes a set of orders to be completed and is transmitted to the terminal installed in the cab of the vehicle. The device navigates the driver along the route scheduled by the dispatcher. Status of completed orders is marked manually or automatically in the terminal and transmitted on a regular basis to the dispatcher, who also has the ability to modify the route during the working day and transmit this modification to the driver.

Dwukierunkowa automatyczna komunikacja dyspozytora z kierowcami, wsparcie pracy dyspozytora, weryfikacja przydzielonych zadań XTrack - ikona
Mapy, warstwy i mapy własne, zarządzanie lokalizacjami XTrack - ikona

Map resources and management of own locations

The system includes an extensive module with maps, which may be used for visualizing data entered into the software. The solution is based on accurate digital maps, but it also allows you to download and create your own map layers e.g. maps of local infrastructure, agricultural fields or simply use files created from aerial or satellite photographs.  In addition, you may enter/import into the system locations important for your company, e.g. customers, suppliers, field infrastructure, places of executed orders etc.

Reports and data analyses

Extensive analytical features of XTrack system allow you to compare data stored in the system and generate profiled reports. This functionality will effectively eliminate the time-consuming distribution of paper documents in your company.

Data may be presented in any elected way i.e. using charts, pivot tables, summaries and conditional formatting. All generated reports may be easily exported to MS Excel or PDF files and labelled with own header and footer.

Szczegółowe analizy i raporty z danych zawartych w systemie XTrack - ikona
Rozwiązania XTrack dla producentów zabudów specjalistycznych OEM - ikona

Dedicated solutions for manufacturers of special vehicles – OEM

The flexibility of XTrack system allows its installation in almost any vehicle or machine. This significant advantage made our solutions popular and appreciated by the manufacturers of specialized vehicles used by municipal or fire services etc. They decided to install our devices as a factory fitted option in their vehicles.

Check the advantages of XTrack OEM.

XTrack system, due to its flexibility, excellent integration with all types of vehicles and machines, as well as high expandability, may be customised to each type of fleet. Find your industry to choose the perfect solution for your company.


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