RFID is a system enabling identification of items and employees via radio waves. The plastic cards, pendants and other carriers, e.g. tags or transponders include microchips with a unique number and antenna.

Cards and pendants are most often used to identify persons, whereas tags are mounted on items to be identified and inventoried. Different shapes and high resistance to weather conditions enable carriers to be mounted on any surface and objects. Unique carrier number may be read automatically or manually using an appropriate handheld reader.

RFID technology is widely used in the world, because it clearly identifies a person or item by linking it with a unique code. In terms of employee identification the technology is used, for example, to identify drivers and work teams in time and attendance systems, access systems and in fuel distribution. RFID tags may be found in many industries, including municipal (on waste containers and WC cabins), agriculture (trailers and semi-trailers, animals) or fire-fighting (equipment marking).

High durability of the transponders make them ideal for process applications, e.g. closed loop systems, where the ID is read many times during the execution of services or assigned to different customers.

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