All inventoried resources are assigned with a unique RFID code and geographical coordinates, which are available in XTrack system along with related notes. Locations of particular objects may change. Their codes are used to visualize their current location and efficiently manage them. Along with location of your items, the system also informs you about their supplying/collecting date, indicating how long an individual item is kept by a given customer. In addition, all provided services are confirmed by RFID code of a particular item read out by a portable wireless or automatic reader mounted on the vehicle, ensuring quick verification of the status of individual orders. The RFID data is sent to the system along with geographical coordinates of the item.

It facilitates planning of any future services, item collection and preparing precise summaries and settlements for individual clients. Electronic confirmation of order execution is also helpful to quickly and efficiently handle any complaints.

Your vehicles may also be equipped with on-board data-logging systems. The systems will provide you with many information, e.g. automatic confirmation of completing service activities such as emptying and cleaning toilet cabins or weighing collected waste preparing settlements for customers.

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