The use of RFID technology will allow you to fully control the distribution and circulation of your resources in the field. They may be containers for selective waste collection, bins, WC cabins, gas cylinders, trailers and semi-trailers or other items used for mounting tags.

Management of resources is possible after a physical inventory, which is extremely simple and single-stage when carried out with XTrack system. A mobile data collector equipped with RFID reader, GPS receiver, GPRS module and Inventory software the inventory process may be carried also when items are already in different field locations. After reading the code of the transponder attached to the item, an employee associates the code with the property address and attaches additional information, notes or photographs.

All entered and stored data are synchronized with the database located on the server, so you always have access to the most current information. In addition, the distribution of your assets may be visualized at any time on digital maps available in the system.

Assigning objects to exact coordinates during inventory is a great advantage of XTrack system, as it enables you to precisely locate your items even in large areas and to efficiently manage them, eliminating the search process when related services are ordered.

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