Inventory your field assets

and streamline logistics in your company

If you want to control your field assetsour system for identifying resources XTrack is a solution that will meet your expectations. Easily controlled inventorying process will assign all your items with unique codes and detailed descriptions, and their location will be marked on a precise, digital map. This solution will allow you to efficiently manage your assets, assign them to different customers and control their distribution.

Extensive analytical capabilities will allow you to create various summaries and reports using data collected in the software. XTrack will help you to create the necessary documentation and make accurate billing.

Identyfikacja RFID obiektów w terenie i inwentaryzacja - ikona
Identyfikacja RFID w systemie XTrack odbywa się przy pomocy kart i breloków


Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) uses radio waves and the corresponding readers to precisely identify people and items, such as containers and waste bins, WC cabins, trailers, various types of equipment, etc.

Each RFID carrier (tag, pendant, card, sticker) contains a unique alphanumeric code, which is assigned to the selected item after reading it. In addition, when the reader is equipped with a GPS receiver, the RFID code may be immediately linked to a specific location.

The advantage of RFID carriers is their resistance to weather conditions and damage.


Special RFID reader equipped with dedicated XTrack software, GPRS and GPS modules ensures a quick inventory of all the assets even if they are already in the premises of your customers.

In the inventorying process the code is read and related to a particular item, whereas GPS receiver provides also its location data. This solution ensures that the location coordinates of your resources are extremely precise. The system enables its users to attach additional photos and notes to each inventoried item, which may be useful e.g. to describe a route leading to it.

Terminal inwentaryzacyjny do przeprowadzania inwentaryzacji obiektów np. pojemników i kontenerów w terenie XTrack
Oprogramowanie XTrack pozwala zarządzać w terenie różnymi obiektami, np. pojemnikami na śmieci, kabinami WC, kontenerami na odpady itp.


Each inventoried item may be displayed in your XTrack system on a digital map. This visualization of field-distributed items is a very useful tool in their efficient management. Along with exact location of your items, the system also stores data about their supplying/collecting date, informing you how long an individual item is kept by a given customer.

RFID technology and hand-held or vehicle-mounted readers will immediately update the system with information about any change in the location of your resources and about any related activities e.g. provided services. This will enable you to quickly verify the progress of individual orders.


In special cases, e.g. marking bags for selective waste, using RFID tags may be too expensive, as a tag would be disposed together with the identified bag. In such situations, you can use self-adhesive labels with barcodes. Their unit cost is relatively low and they have a high resistance to weather conditions. In addition, you can print them in your office using a label printer. Bar codes are read using a portable barcode reader.

Each barcode may be assigned with different attributes, e.g. customer data, location, waste features (wet, dry, metal, glass, plastic, paper, etc.), specific numerical indication of a bag, etc.

Identyfikacja kodami kreskowymi worków na odpady XTrack

XTrack system, due to its flexibility, excellent integration with all types of vehicles and machines, as well as high expandability, may be customised to each type of fleet. Find your industry to choose the perfect solution for your company.


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