In order to facilitate logistics and distribution management in XTrack system, we have created an option of drawing and adding maps divided into regions. These types of areas may be easily configured in the system by marking subsequent points that will be automatically connected by the system with lines. Introduced shapes have their own geographic visualization of another layers. Each entered area may be assigned with a different colour, to make it easily recognised.

The division into zones/regions depends on the business model of your company. The available digital maps may be divided, for example, into areas indicating technical requirements, the type of tasks, location of branches, place of residence of your employees, number of customers, turnover achieved in the individual regions, the purchasing power of residents, or other criteria important from your point of view.

Entered areas are the basis for automatic assigning of orders to specific resources. Appropriate parametrization of vehicles and mapping of the company structure ensure that orders entered into the system are immediately distributed by the system to the respective teams, taking into account the nature of the order and the technical capacities of individual vehicles and machines.

For example: an order for supplying a specific amount of concrete to a building site may be automatically redirected to the team operating concrete mixer/pump in the nearest production plant/branch, whereas a different order for transporting gravel is sent to a team operating trucks. Then dispatchers make a decision, basing on the current situation and location of the fleet in the area, to assign specific orders to vehicles taking into account their transport/loading capacities etc. The system also allows them to perform and modify these tasks manually, when it is necessary.

Another advantage of regionalization includes also the function of limiting the access of the dispatcher and other users to the list of orders executed in the area operated by a given branch.

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