GPS XTrack monitoring and route optimization module provide you with an option of automatic verification of the task completion status. Completed route and information on vehicle operation is continuously transmitted in to the dispatcher software, enabling the dispatcher to monitor the progress of individual tasks.

In special cases, the on-board terminal XTrack Navi may be used by the driver to enter additional notes and photos for individual orders. This feature allows you to quickly respond to any complaints and provides access to the latest information.

The task completion is reported on the discrepancies report, which provides the user with a list of delays, unfinished tasks, unauthorized activities (e.g. opening of the RCV loading space outside of the serviced location, driving outside the scheduled route). This is a method for verifying each order and the user is no longer required to prepare time-consuming comparisons of paper documentation with GPS data.

You may also compare the planned route to the actually covered one and to calculate the differences in time and distance resulting from the implemented changes.

XTrack software may be also useful to prepare advanced reports that include operating times, mileage, quantities and individual order locations, e.g. downtime during operation. The system provides also extensive reports, including the reports on personnel effectiveness, which greatly facilitates the subsequent settlement of works performed by field employees.

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