OptiTrax module is an indispensable tool in the operational management of the fleet of vehicles and machines. It uses maps to plan tasks and parametrization options for the fleet components to essentially support the work of the dispatcher.

XTrack system is based on an extremely accurate digital maps, which contain information such as load capacity and directionality of roads, the height of flyovers, road limits and current traffic problems reported by the General Board of National Roads and Motorways. Additionally, you can add your own map layers and divide the area into regions.

Features of the software will allow you to determine a route for each vehicle connecting any number of points marked on the map, whereas advanced optimization algorithms modify the map in terms of the sequence for completing the route and orders. Route planning is based on all road information available in the system and taking into account conditions such as additional time windows, deadlines and loading capacity of the vehicle / machine. Each time XTrack allows you to select between the shortest, fastest and cheapest route. In addition to route planning the system will also determine the time required to perform various tasks, enabling the dispatcher to coordinate the work of teams in an optimal manner, thus increasing the efficiency of the fleet and reducing the time and cost of travel.

The planned route is stored in the system and transmitted to XTrack Navi on-board terminal installed in the vehicle. Each vehicle has its own terminal access data, so that there is no risk of getting the wrong route for the vehicle.
In case of submitting a new order your dispatcher may re-schedule and optimize the route during the working day, taking into account the current location of the vehicle and he/she may transfer it directly to the on-board terminal.

XTrack software facilitates work of the dispatcher and makes it more efficient. All data on orders, loads and locations of current vehicles are visualized on a digital map. The method of displaying individual objects (delivery/collection points and vehicles) depends on their status, type of load, scheduled time etc.

Route planning and related calculations are carried out directly in the system. Field tasks are optimized in order to avoid additional and unnecessary costs and to reduce the mileage. In the long term, this translates into real savings, better use of vehicles and reduced negative environmental impact of exhaust gases.

XTrack ensures that your resources are used optimally and the planned routes are the best from the point of view of the nature of your business.

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