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If your company’s tasks include fleet management, you know the value of good planning. This is a key process that allows your company to function properly and achieve strategic goals. XTrack will help you to plan routes for individual vehicles and alternative scenarios for emergency cases (when one of your vehicles fails). This gives you tangible benefits in the form of savings from shorten routes, more efficient use of the fleet and working time of employees.

With the ability to compare the plan with the actual execution of orders, the system will enable you to optimize the routes. Well-designed algorithms will help you easily define tasks and assign them to individual vehicles and machinery.

Planning and optimization have never been so easy.

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OptiTrax dispatcher software

It is a part of the XTrack software, which supports planning and optimization of tasks. This module operates on the basis of accurate digital maps and allows you to apply your own layers, areas and locations. Using personalized maps allows you to effectively manage orders and tasks, conveniently distribute them between different vehicles and machines and optimize their travel routes. By using GPS and vehicle operation monitoring (including load) you may monitor the process of executing individual orders and verify their performance. With all the information collected in one system you can quickly prepare billing and settlements.

The advantage of OptiTrax is the fact that it does not limit the number of users. This means that within a single company the module may be simultaneously used by many dispatchers and shippers. In this way everyone has access to the most current data.

Entering information about vehicles

The system allows you to enter detailed data of your individual vehicles and machinery. The software may be loaded with information such as the types of cargo transported by vehicles, types of works performed, allowable working time of the driver, transport costs, operation hours/ man-hours. This information is taken into account by the system when planning and optimizing routes, in order to prevent overloading vehicles or exceeding the working time.
Data and operational parameters of machines and vehicles may be also downloaded from external sources, such as programs and operational modules for fleet management.
Additionally, the operating module ensures storage of data on road cards and reminds about the deadlines for periodic maintenance or technical inspections, and the validity of the insurance cover. The system may notify you by text message or e-mail about the incoming date of any of these events.

Mapping the organizational structure of your company

In order to adapt the planning process to your needs, XTrack system allows you to reproduce the organizational and operational structure of your company. The individual structural elements may reflect for example types of cargo, company branches or types of vehicles / machines. Based on the entered data, the system will automatically assign tasks to individual branches, vehicles and teams.
Mapping the company’s structure allows you to design multiple scenarios and test them without having to implement them in practice. Testing various simulations and analysing obtained data you can choose the best option and optimal route in order to prepare yourself for any unforeseen situations such as machine failure or illness of the employee.

Zoning and areas of operation

Digital maps available in XTrack system may be freely divided into regions, which greatly facilitates logistics management and task automation. These areas may be of any chosen shape, colour and description, to make them easily recognizable by the dispatcher.

These areas may be used for many purposes including:
• grouping objects into areas,
• calculating statistics for specific areas,
• automatic allocation of orders to the regions / bases / organizational units,
• granting access rights to individual dispatchers or users to see specified objects / resources.

Planning and optimization of routes

Parametrization of vehicles, mapping the features of the company and extremely accurate digital maps of cities allow you to determine the best route for each vehicle. The algorithms of OptiTrax module not only allow you to plan the best route, but also to optimize it in terms of the sequence of order execution, taking into account additional parameters such as time windows or deadlines. Additionally, you can select the shortest, fastest or cheapest route. In addition to the route information, the system will calculate the time required for performing individual tasks.
The route accepted by the dispatcher, together with a list of orders, is transferred to on-board Navi terminals, operated by the drivers of individual vehicles.  When a new order is placed, the route can be modified and updated during the working day.

Planning recurring / cyclic routes

XTrack system allows you to plan single routes and routes for recurring tasks.
All cycles and their parameters, including the date and time of execution, are available to the dispatcher with a list of tasks of all crews. Visualization of these parameters depends on individual settings and the nature of the target industry. Basing on entered data, the system calculates the best route for selected cycle, its execution time and distance. All the useful information provided to the dispatcher will greatly facilitate the process of planning schedules.

Weryfikacja przejechanych tras w systemie monitoringu GPS pojazdów i maszyn XTrack

Verification of routes and accounting the work of teams

Combining GPS data with the module of optimization and route planning allows you to automatically verify the status of orders, without tedious comparing the travelled route with paper notes. Moreover, XTrack Navi enables the driver to upload notes and photos into the system, which further improves communication with the dispatcher.
The reporting tools available in the system may be used to freely compare/present the gathered data, providing you with a detailed list of uncompleted tasks, unauthorized operations and delays. You may also compare the planned route to the actual one covered and to see the differences in time and kilometres.

Module of Customer Service Office

XTrack system with a dedicated module supports also the work of employees of the Customer Service Office. With immediate geo-coding of addresses and displaying a location on digital maps the system provides the user with automatic and immediate assignment of the customer to the selected region, pricing and service deadline. This will allow you to reduce the required level of information processed by employees of Customer Service Office, increasing the quality of work and efficiency of the entire company.
When your company dynamically operates in the Internet,  XTrack system will provide the modules of “On-line Customer Service Office” where customers will be able to independently order a service and trace it  – from the moment of accepting it, through assigning a team/vehicle, its progress until final settlement.

Integration with external systems

Logistics and dispatching modules of XTrack system may be integrated with software of any of the following types: FK, ERP, billing, SFA (mobile trader) or FFA (mobile service technician). You can also use the integration function: WebService – XML. We cooperate with leading suppliers of IT systems to jointly offer a comprehensive and fully integrated enterprise management system.
By combining your XTrack system with other software used in the company, you will automate the exchange of information. Data on accepted orders is sent immediately from ERP system to OptiTax module, where tasks are optimally assigned to vehicles / drivers and verified in terms of their of execution basing on GPS data. Then, information on task execution is sent to other systems, where it is recorded (HR and payroll system) or used (warehouse system).

XTrack system, due to its flexibility, excellent integration with all types of vehicles and machines, as well as high expandability, may be customised to each type of fleet. Find your industry to choose the perfect solution for your company.


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