XTrack system records data obtained from weighing systems mounted on special vehicles.

Data may be collected from devices such as:

  • chassis-mounted weighing systems installed on vehicle frames,
  • dynamic and static weighing systems for municipal vehicles

Chassis-mounted weighing systems may be used to weigh containers (e.g. KP7), waste collected by vehicles with HDS mechanism or aggregates, feed, etc. with the accuracy of 10 kg. Weighing is carried out after loading container onto the frame of the vehicle.

Weighing systems for municipal vehicles provide accurate weight measurements of collected waste. In case of dynamic weighing systems mounted on inlet chutes, the weighing process takes place during the loading without the need to slow it down or interrupt, which greatly speeds up the service. Dynamic weighing systems perform measurements during the loading and have a high accuracy – at with standard loading speed to small containers it is 2 kg and for large containers 5 kg.

The weighing systems allow you to precisely measure the load and detect any additional non-contracted events or overloads. They will also optimise the use of operated equipment – you will be able to select proper vehicle to collect loads in a given area.

All weighing systems offered in XTrack system meet all the requirements of official legalization process. Measurements from approved weighing systems may be the basis for billing customers for the weight of transmitted load, e.g. waste, recyclable materials, aggregates, etc. At the same time you have the ability to control and compare your measurements with measurements made by other entities that you cooperate with e.g. regional waste treatment plants.

Data obtained from weighing systems mounted on vehicles are transferred to the database with detailed information about the time of weighing and geographic coordinates. With the real-time data transfer all the information may be almost instantly displayed and analysed directly in your software.

Weighing systems and GPS monitoring are perfectly complemented by our solutions for identification and management of field resources. They help the system to automatically link the client with the weight of transferred load, after the service is completed.

We also offer a navigation terminal – XTrack NAVI, which is designed to support the work of drivers. The terminal displays information about each task scheduled on the selected route and you can assign/add a client to each weighing operation or to select the status of the executed orders.

With our system billing is extremely easy. All information obtained during the execution of orders is transferred in real-time to the database of XTrack system. Flexible reporting tools allow you to freely compare and present the acquired data. This helps you, for example, to prepare a report on overloads or compare weight of waste collected from individual customers in a given period of time.

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