XTrack system is perfect for vehicles with special vehicle-mounted equipment. The tracking device may gather and collect operational data from vehicle-mounted equipment, using a set of special sensors or from the CAN bus.

Recorded parameters are specific to each vehicle and depend on its use. The users most commonly record the following data:

  • number of driving/operating hours,
  • number of work cycles,
  • running time of the individual built-in devices, e.g. vehicle-mounted hydraulic units, pump, loading chutes, compressor, etc.,
  • information about opening the cargo space or waste space in case of garbage vehicles,
  • operating any electrical switches,
  • information about the work of loading mechanisms and activating additional drives of the equipment,
  • information about the temperature and humidity.

Detailed description of the types of recorded parameters depends on the type of vehicle and is described in manuals for individual industries.

Recording data on the working time of individual devices may significantly reduce the costs of periodic maintenance and eliminate unnecessary downtime. In addition, you will easier identify any errors in the use of equipment or the reasons for any faults, e.g. overloading actuators, work inconsistent with its intended purpose or in improper conditions. The system includes also alert mechanisms – they will notify you in case of a defect or fault.

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