XTrack system enables you to control the current consumption of fuel in your vehicles and machines by monitoring the fuel level in their tanks.

Accurate measurement of operating parameters and advanced digital filters ensure very good measuring results, even when connected to a standard system for measuring fuel level by e.g. floating sensor.

There is also an option for using additional measuring device, which is a fuel probe or gathering measurement data from the CAN bus. Using the probes you can also record the fuel level in vehicles equipped with two tanks – it is measured in two tanks whether they are connected to each other or not. To ensure best measurement results, we use only high-quality equipment, e.g. Aplisens hydrostatic probes, approved by the Minister of Transport.

Data on the amount of fuel in the vehicles’ tanks combined with the engine speed give you a full operational picture of your vehicles. The relevant reports and summaries allow you to quickly detect abuse in the form of fuel theft or to check the efficiency of your vehicles. In order to secure the fuel distribution within your company, you can also implement XTrack Fuel Terminal, monitoring the amount of fuel dispensed from the internal fuel station of the company.

For trucks, we recommend to use electronic protection of fuel filler cap. It registers every opening of the fuel filler. This device has also has a special strainer that prevents entering unwanted items, such as PVC hoses, into the fuel tank.

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