XTrack tracking device apart from gathering data from GPS receiver is also used to collect information related to the operational parameters of chassis. Such information is usually obtained by connecting the tracking device to the CAN bus, or to specially installed additional sensors.

The CAN bus transfers data from sensors that monitor different subsystems of the vehicle. Various sensors and probes are connected to the CAN bus providing information on the operation of the vehicle, e.g. engine speed, brake operation, fuel consumption and temperature. The manufacturer of the vehicle / machine decides which parameters are to be recorded. To find out what parameters of the chassis may be monitored in your vehicles or machines, please contact us.

The most commonly recorded parameters include:

  • engine speed and operation time,
  • exact, actual fuel consumption,
  • stoppage time,
  • mileage,
  • working time of hydraulic attachments.

If your vehicles or machines are equipped with air suspension, you can also monitor its pressure. Basing on the data from air suspension, XTrack system calculates the approximate weight of the vehicle, helping you to prevent overloading of the vehicles. This solution will help you avoid the overload penalties from the Road Transport Inspection – knowing the current weight of your vehicle, you can plan its route only on roads designed for vehicles with specified weight.

All recordable parameters are sampled in real time, stored in XTrack tracking device and continuously sent to the system database. You will be able to check the operation of your vehicles and machines at any time.

Recording chassis parameters, including GPS monitoring gives you full control over location and work procedures. It is easy to verify the execution contracted work, detect fuel theft or unauthorised ‘extra’ work.

Data gathered by XTrack tracking device and accessible system analysing tools facilitate your complex analyses of operating and maintenance costs and on execution of individual orders and their profitability. You will be able to predict the profitability of individual tasks in long-term perspective.

The solution may be provided also with the identification of drivers and operators who register in the system with their own RFID cards. In this way, all the events related with the operation of the vehicle are assigned to a specific person who operated a vehicle or machine at a given date. This functionality also allows you to use our system as a remote recorder of employee working time (e.g. at the construction site).

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