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Do you want your fleet to operate efficiently, meeting standards valid for individual machines and vehicles? XTrack enables you to record operational parameters of the chassis and equipment installed on vehicles, regardless of the type and age of your vehicles. By comparing this data with fuel consumption measurements you get a full operational picture of your equipment. Precise recording of vehicle operational time and early detection of any defects reduces the costs of routine maintenance. Additional use of weighing systems not only helps you to accurately settle services with customers, but also prevents unnecessary vehicle reloading.

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By installing additional sensors or connecting the system to the vehicle’s CAN bus, XTrack ensures precise recording of operating parameters of the chassis, e.g. engine speed, stoppage time, mileage, the pressure in the air suspension, etc. The data recording is performed continuously and results are transferred XTrack software for storing and processing by the user.
Performing the measurements and analysing their results will help you prevent overloading and quickly respond to any irregularities in the operation of the vehicle. This in turn means lower maintenance costs and reduced downtimes.


Extensive configuration capabilities of XTrack system also allow you to read the signals from vehicle-installed equipment. Types of recorded parameters depends on the type of equipment and is determined individually. The most commonly recorded parameters include: number of operating/working hours, number of working cycles, pump activation, opening the loading space, etc.
Precise recording of operating parameters will allow you to quickly detect anomalies in the equipment or the reasons for any failures.

Rysunek prezentuje działanie wagi dynamicznej w systemie XTrack gdzie ważenie odbywa się w trakcie załadunku bez zatrzymywania mechanizmu zasypowego


Does your company need the information about weight of transported cargo? If yes, use XTrack vehicle weighing systems.
We offer chassis-mounted vehicle weighing systems and dynamic weighing systems designed for municipal vehicles. They will help you, for example, to weigh containers (e.g. KP7) and the weight of collected waste. Dynamic weighing systems installed in the loading chutes provide weight measurement during the loading process. Additional use of RFID will automatically relate the measured values to a specific customer and location.
Weighing systems offered in XTrack system meet all the requirements of official legalization process.


If you suspect that your company may suffer from fuel theft and you want to control the fuel consumption in your vehicles, our solution for monitoring fuel in vehicles’ tanks will be perfect for you.
To make the fuel level measurements, you may use floating sensors, normally found in the tank of the vehicle, or optionally you can use a high-quality fuel probe supplied with the XTrack system. Fuel probes are perfect for vehicles with more than one fuel tank.
To improve the fuel management in your company, the monitoring may be extended with electronic fuel filler caps.

XTrack system, due to its flexibility, excellent integration with all types of vehicles and machines, as well as high expandability, may be customised to each type of fleet. Find your industry to choose the perfect solution for your company.


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