PPU Omega sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Gdańsk (hereinafter referred to as Omega), a manufacturer of mobile application XTrack Personal Tracker (hereafter referred to as XPT Application) assures the highest degree of professional care and conduct as far as processing of user’s personal data is concerned. In order to provide the users with full information we issue this document, which is intended to explain how XPT Application collects, uses and shares the data. XPT is an application designed for use on mobile phones to monitor position, speed and additional parameters passed from the user’s device. In addition, it allows to add a text note with an attachment or a photo. The application is compatible with XTrack Software, which can be installed in the infrastructure of the end customer that gathers the acquired data or in Omega infrastructure. The possibility to use XPT Application is available only to users designated by the end customer using XTrack Software, under an agreement with Omega.

By installing XPT Application you confirm that you have read and accepted this document and its provisions. This document can be modified in accordance with the existing legislation or with issues related to the technical aspects of the operation of the XPT Application, which can be associated with the expansion of the functionality of XPT.

On the mobile device the below data is stored:

  • 1) the data needed for user authentication, transmitted;
  • 2) recorded GPS track data and events (eg. notes);
  • 3) photos added to the notes.

Information about the brand, model and hardware ID of the mobile device is sent in the equipment registration process to the infrastructure, where XTrack Software is installed and used to identify application and mobile device.

Depending on the mobile device, the application can access the following permissions on the mobile device:

  • 1) information about the location;
  • 2) camera for adding photos to the notes, QR code scanning;.
  • 3) memory (for saving data in a local database);
  • 4) information about the phone – phone ID;

Anonymous data on user activity in XPT Application can be processed by Omega for statistical purposes. Issues related to processing the data are respectively regulated in the agreement with the end customer, including issues related to the processing of personal data.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact PPU Omega e-mail address info@xtrack.com

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