XTrack system has a complex mapping module designed to visualize data entered into the system. The entire system is based on accurate digital maps, containing detailed road plans of all cities with prohibitory/limiting signs, road capacity, width and height of bridges/overpasses and directivity of these roads. The system gives you the ability to use a variety of map skins, including:

  • maps from “Emapa”,
  • OpenStreetMap,
  • Yandex maps,
  • Your own maps imported from a number of sources, both digital (images, files) and “paper” (scans, area documentation), operational in WMS standard. For example, they may be maps of water and sewage infrastructure, cultivated fields and airports.

For accurate reproduction of your work environment in the system, the map data may be enhanced with objects and own layers (GIS).  You may add a lot of such layers and display them individually or several at the same time.

Entering them is extremely easy – the function of drawing polygons on the map enables you to apply any shape reflecting for example areas of your company operations, ranges of individual branches, areas of competition, residence of employees, number of customers, turnover in each region, purchasing power of residents or other criteria determining your business model.

The filling colour and thickness of shape borders may be used to indicate numerical values assigned to specific areas, this may visualize for example a relationship between population density and sales figures “at a glance”.

Each area (region) entered by you may be marked with a name, and all the works that take place there and in specified radius around this place, will be linked to this name by the system.

Podział mapy cyfrowej na rejony, własne mapy w systemie monitoringu GPS pojazdów i maszyn XTrack
Nanoszenie własnych obszarów na mapę cyfrową, własne mapy w systemie monitoringu GPS pojazdów i maszyn XTrack

In XTrack system, you may create individual routes with so-called “tunnels” i.e. areas where the vehicle is allowed to operate. When the vehicle crosses the designated borders, the system will automatically notify you about improper activity of the driver.

Properly entered and configured information may be used to automate orders allocated to specific resources at the stage of planning and optimization.

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