XTrack software includes also advanced module for location management, which will allow you to identify and inventory all the points related to the activities of your company.

This module allows you to enter each location manually or to import them from external files. If you have a database with locations of facilities or customers saved in other system e.g. ERP, FK (such as CDN Optima, Symfonia Forte etc.), you may import it to your XTrack system from MS Excel, MS Access files or from text database and via ODBC drivers.

List of locations imported by you may for example contain data of: suppliers, customers, warehouses, customers, items (e.g.: containers, tanks, toilet cabins), places where drivers should not enter, i.e. locations of competitors, etc. Data entered to the system in this way may be also modified and corrected.

You may also create locations using details of GPS archived events e.g. when a point is to be marked as own location in the region, having no address. Then, at a point of driving, parking or operation of the sensor, you may create your own location.

After importing them, all objects contained in the database will be clearly shown on the map. You can visualize the location of addresses and coordinates entered in your databases. In addition, your selected location, including the current position of the vehicle, may be also available on external maps such as Google Maps, where you can use also the option of Street View or satellite view to get better orientation.

XTrack system offers you also automatic de-geocoding, i.e. determining the address using geographical coordinates, which is particularly useful when determining the location based on GPS.

To make the management of entered data and its read-out even easier, you can mark each location with a selected icon and colour – depending on the category that you assign to it. Introduced locations may be also combined into groups, e.g.: clients, RIPOK, operators, suppliers, business or private recipient. If necessary, you can display only the desired group on the map.

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