Visualize operations of your company on personalized maps

– improve decision-making processes

The exact geographic mapping of your business activities will enable you to easily visualize the operational area of your company and facilitate strategic planning. Intuitive visualization of your facilities on digital maps and presentation of current and archived data is an excellent support of analysis and decision-making processes. XTrack gives you the ability to easily control costs related to the execution of orders and optimization of logistics processes.

With us, your decisions will be adequate and quick!

Mapy, warstwy i mapy własne, zarządzanie lokalizacjami XTrack - ikona
System XTrack pozwala na tworzenie warstw własnych na mapach, np. mapa sieci wod-kan, mapa infrastruktury itp.


XTrack system provides highly accurate digital maps with additional information, such as load capacity, road directionality, height of bridges/overpasses and speed limits.

You may extend the provided maps with your own elements, such as infrastructure facilities, networks, buildings, etc. Additionally, the feature of drawing polygons and applying numerical values directly on map layers will enable you to perfectly visualize areas of your business and their details.

To facilitate the data input, the system has the option to import map layers both from digital files (e.g. images) and on from scans of paper documentation.


In addition to your own maps and marking areas in the system, you may also enter or import specific locations related to your business activities. These locations may be added manually, downloaded from an external file (e.g. MS Excel, MS Access database text, drivers ODBS) or from other systems (e.g. ERP, FK) integrated with your XTrack.

In addition, locations in the system may be also added basing on archived events – by adding a specific point registered in the system, or by entering specific geographical coordinates. All entered locations are displayed on a digital map.

XTrack system, due to its flexibility, excellent integration with all types of vehicles and machines, as well as high expandability, may be customised to each type of fleet. Find your industry to choose the perfect solution for your company.


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