Customers, who independently order fuel delivery, very often wait until the last possible moment, expecting immediate refuelling of the tank. This results in difficulties in planning routes for the tank vehicle fleet and leads to inefficient use of resources (vehicles / employees), generating higher costs of fuel distribution to the recipients.

XTrack solutions such as distribution terminal or TankMonitor allow you to monitor in real-time the process of filling tanks operated by your company and to optimally plan work schedules. With the same number of people and vehicles you will be able to reach more customers and reduce the costs of logistics.

Scheme of fuel supply control

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XTrack offers you digital maps to visualize locations of individual tanks with graphical information about the current level of the liquid. The manner of displaying tanks depends on fuel level, type or acceptable delivery hours. The software also displays a full list of tanks. The list includes information such as tank name and ID, its capacity, current position, fuel level in the tank and time of the last data update:

Wizualizacja rozmieszczenia oraz zapełniania poszczególnych zbiorników paliwowych na cyfrowej mapie

When fuel level is too low in any of field tanks, the system will automatically inform you about this by text message and e-mail.  In this way you can monitor fuel levels in your customer locations and plan in advance the delivery schedule. Similar messages are sent when a tank changes its location or if its operational terminal is disconnected.

Any employee refuelling the vehicle/machine tank must be identified by his/her card or a pendant with RFID code. It facilitates fuelling record keeping, capturing unwanted behaviours and unambiguous identification of persons responsible for them.

Additionally, the system helps to detect any abuse committed by customers, such as the substitution of fuel or breaching an exclusive contract for fuel delivery. By using the fuel dispensing terminal you may also remotely lock the fuel pump, e.g. when the customer fails to meet its financial obligations.

With an extensive database, the software may provide both current and archival data. It may be visualized on maps, charts or in tables. For example, you may create a graph showing fuel level changes in the tank for the selected period of time.

XTrack Graph presenting how the feul level in the tank has change during the time

Powerful reporting module may trace deliveries in a given period and forecast future demand or detect abuses by employees. It is also a valuable help in the process of fuel accounting and inventorying. The system provides you with almost unlimited possibilities of creating summaries and reports from all the data collected in a database.  All data can be saved in popular formats such as MS Excel or PDF.

To make XTrack a comfortable tool, all information on current and past refuelling processes may be displayed:

  • directly from your computer – using XTrack Analizer desktop application,
  • from any browser – using WebX web application,
  • from any mobile device with Android system – using mobile application XTrack LevelApp.

Other XTrack solutions perfectly complement our offer to fuel distributors.

Monitoring and optimization tools will give you complete information on the progress of individual orders, the operating mode of individual vehicles or current and historic location of your vehicles with data on their parking/break locations and activation of fuel pump. You will be sure that your drivers operate on the most economic routes and that there is no abuse in the entire distribution cycle.

Dynamic order management and optimization algorithms take into account the schedules and enable the dispatchers to coordinate the activities of the teams in an optimal manner, reducing delivery time and costs and increasing their efficiency.

Exchange of information with individual vehicles is performed by XTrack NAVI, which provides electronic communication between the dispatcher and individual drivers.  The device displays the route, further orders and allows you to mark the order as completed or uncompleted and attach notes and photos.

The versatility of XTrack system will enable you to document the whole process of order execution – from submitting the order, through its allocation and route optimization, until fuel delivery and accounting.

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