If your company is using own internal fuel stations, you are concerned about security of fuel and any misuses related to its distribution.
Integrated fuel management is an innovative solution that will provide you with fuel control in the entire company. Combined with monitoring and control features the system tracks the whole process of fuel consumption – from the moment of refuelling until the final operation of a vehicle or machine.
XTrack is a comprehensive tool for monitoring fuel dispensing, equipped with GPS and fuel terminal that will help you to streamline fuel management in your company – ensuring improved fuel dispensing process, monitoring drivers and vehicles, and simple accounting.

Diagram of the fuel circuit control in the company

Diagram presents fuel circuit inside of the company

XTrack begins its fuel control at the stage of fuel delivery to the storage tank. Probes mounted on the filling device continuously record the fuel level. If any irregularities are detected, the system automatically sends an alarm message to the Administrator.

The next stage is the most crucial point in the fuel cycle, i.e. fuelling vehicles / machines. To start the fuel pump it is necessary to carry out a standard two-step authentication on XTrack fuel terminal. It involves identifying the vehicle using its RFID card and the person dispensing the fuel. During the refuelling, the system records various information e.g. fuel level in the tank and the amount dispensed and the amount of fuel actually provided to the tank of the vehicle or machine. Advanced controllers and algorithms of GPS XTrack provide good results of fuel measurement in tanks of vehicles and machines, even when the devices are connected to a standard installation measuring the fuel level with a floating sensor.

Linking dispensed fuel to a specific vehicle and driver allows you to prepare accurate internal billing within the company and quick identification of people engaged in a potential fraud.

Another advantage is elimination of paper records – you can generate the required report/summary using XTrack software at any time. For example, you can easily obtain the data on total amount of fuel provided to a given driver in a given period:

Report of refelings ov comapny vehicles and own fuel station XTrack

Fuel terminal captures all the data from the fuel dispensing device and sends it via GPRS or WiFi, providing the administrator with constant access to current data. When needed, the Administrator may remotely change the access right of individual employees or block the fuel dispensing.

XTrack system also allows you to generate comparative reports, combining information obtained from internal measurements within the system with data from external sources such as DKV or Shell. In addition, you can create any compilation of data stored in the system and export it to Excel or PDF.

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