Improve fuel economy in your company – optimize ordering and fuel management processes

Do you want to eliminate fuel misuse and ensure its proper distribution in your company? Our integrated solution for fuel management will meet your needs.

XTrack with the complementarity of its individual solutions gives you a full control of fuel from the moment of delivering fuel to company’s own fuel station, to the fuel use by individual vehicles or machines. Integrated fuel management is also an excellent tool for companies supplying fuel.

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Our system is an excellent tool to support fuel policy of your company. If your company operates own fuel station, you will be able to monitor fuel from the moment of filling storage tanks to its final consumption by individual vehicles or machines.

The access to the tank is controlled by XTrack fuel terminal. Using a built-in GPRS or Wi-Fi module you may restrict the operations of individual employees or block the access to the tank.  Fuel parameters are recorded continuously allowing you to compare the amounts of fuel consumed by vehicle/machine with the amounts actually provided to the vehicle.

XTrack system will not only facilitate your accounting process or quickly detect fuel theft, but it will also eliminate the need to generate paper documents.


The level of fuel in individual tanks can be continuously controlled through the use of fuel terminal  or XTrack TankMonitor. The current location of the tank with visualization of its fuel level, name, ID and location is displayed on a digital map. Availability of all information about the tank in one place is very helpful in planning deliveries. Furthermore, if the liquid level in one of the tanks is too low the system will send you the appropriate information.

RFID card may be used to monitor employees refuelling tanks, but also to check whether the customers violate the terms of their contracts e.g. by substituting the fuel. Access to data in the system may be obtained from a PC, Android phone, or other device connected to the Internet.


The flexibility of XTrack system makes it easily customised for specific needs of the various industries. Both the fuel terminal and TankMonitor are perfect for monitoring the level of other liquids such as AdBlue, lubricants, liquid fertilizers, kerosene, used oil, aqueous solution of urea and other chemicals.

When you are looking for a solution solid products, please check the features of XTrack BinMonitor.

Thanks to its flexibility, excellent integration with all types of vehicles and machines and massive expandability with additional modules, XTrack system may be customised to each type of fleet. Find your industry to choose the perfect solution for your company.


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