Asset management and asset tracking – applications and use cases

Manufacturing companies

XTrack mobile solutions can increase your supply chain management efficiency. XTrack Personal Tracker (XPT) app seems to be the perfect tool to control the product all the way from manufacturing through quality control, testing, storage, delivery and finally warranty period after purchasing by the final customer. You may wonder how it works?  When a final product is tagged with RFID/NFC transponder, it can be identified with XPT app over its whole life cycle.

As the quality control begins, the transponder is scanned and any note, comment or photo can be added. Moreover, keep in mind that the GPS position of the product is constantly tracked. However, the biggest advantage is the fact that XTrack solutions can be integrated with any ERP system so every piece of information is available in one place. Isn’t that convenient?

While the quality control is finished and the product is ready for testing, previous actions are repeated: scanning of the transponder, adding notes or photos. If necessary, different types of notes can be predefined.

Storage of the final goods can be tricky sometimes. What if your warehouse site is so big that you have a problem with finding the specified product? It is not a problem anymore if the precise GPS position of the product is available. The position was recorded by the warehouse worker as soon as the product had been transferred from testing.

During warranty period you gain your customer loyalty and satisfaction. Cost reduction is one of your goals as well. XTrack FSM technology will help you maintain your warranty service on the highest level. RFID/NFC asset identification support makes it possible to supervise all infield service actions taken by your technicians. XTrack WorkMate will also contain all work orders assigned to the infield service technician and navigate to the service destination.

XTrack Personal Tracker allows documenting the product life cycle and the work of field service technicians. Furthermore, schedule of service tasks is planned in the OptiTrax software, then it is available to field workers via the XTrack WorkMate app.


XTrack FSM helps you bring your supply chain performance even closer to perfection.

The important fact is that XTrack management solutions can be implemented throughout various industries!

XTrack apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

NOTE: The apps require XTrack web application account, which is available for selected XTrack customers.

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