XTrack field service management technology

Use XTrack field service management technology (XTrack FSM) to manage various aspects of your company’s daily field operations such as vehicle tracking, inventory management, field service technicians performance, scheduling and many more. XTrack is a comprehensive solution that covers all those needs by providing GPS tracking, PC software, mobile apps and NFC asset identification support.

Now you have full control over the company’s assets resulting in cost reduction and greater efficiency. XTrack FSM allows to manage field service technicians to perform repairs, maintenance tasks, inspections and many other orders.

Moreover, it can have a great impact on the relationship between the organization and its customers. XTrack FSM gives you innovative ways to remain constant information flow.

The main features of XTrack service management technology are:

  • GPS recording of employees, vehicles and assets,
  • Intelligent resource management,
  • NFC objects identification,
  • Creating work orders and assigning them to technicians,
  • Constant communication and information flow between the dispatcher and technicians,
  • Real-time job status updates and control over the quality of the team’s work,
  • Efficiency in problem solving,
  • Scheduling and order management.

Asset tracking

How the asset tracking works? Use NFC transponders to make the inventory of all your passive objects that need to be tracked. Then the mobile application XTrack Personal Tracker allows you not only to assign its GPS position but also add notes or photos. All this information will be available in XTrack software on your PC. Whether you are the owner of a small building company which tools need to be tracked or the manufacturer who need to manage on site work of your field service technicians, the XTrack solution will meet your expectations.



OptiTrax is an advanced software that enables you to plan and optimize routes with taking into account specific factors such as vehicle preferences or capacity, delivery time or customer service windows, historical traffic data, specification of work orders. Once the route is planned it can be assigned to a vehicle or field service technicians using XTrack mobile apps. While the work schedule is in progress both the managers in the office and field employees have the access to real-time data as tasks statuses and work orders are updated.

XTrack Personal Tracker

XTrack Personal Tracker (XPT) is a mobile app designed to manage your onsite work performance. XPT is a great tool for improving work efficiency by providing the solution that allows field service technicians to document all their activities.The main features are:

  • Constant GPS tracking – not only the current GPS position of the field service technicians is monitored but also the position of passive objects can be tracked. Moreover, all the information is shown on a digital map.
  • Notes and various messages and parameter support – the app allows to send reporting messages, photos and instantly updates managers in the office on the assigned tasks performance
  • NFC asset identification support – enables to follow and supervise any onsite service activities undertaken by the field service technicians Thanks to XPT you can check if the assigned tasks were actually performed – the technician scans the NFC while making the repair.
  • Field asset management – collect and manage data of asset usage, location etc. in XTrack software. Detailed information and full control of company assets and equipment will be kept.
  • Customers are immediately informed of progressions and action taken

XTrack WorkMate

Onsite service performance management is now possible through XTrack WorkMate mobile app. Work schedule planned in OptiTrax can be sent to the app so the field technicians have easy access to their work orders. Furthermore, the app allows the communication between the dispatcher and technician. It enables to manually change the current status and the progress of assigned tasks as well as to attach notes and photos. Moreover, XTrack WorkMate enables to show work orders on the map installed on your phone.

Applications and use cases

XTrack mobile solutions can increase your supply chain management efficiency. XTrack Personal Tracker (XPT) app seems to be the perfect tool to control the product all the way from manufacturing through quality control, testing, storage, delivery and finally warranty period after purchasing by the final customer. You may wonder how it works?  When a final product is tagged with RFID transponder, it can be identified with XPT app over its whole life cycle.

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