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  • Performance and monitoring of works in the service areas strictly defined in the contract, 
  • High contractual requirements for services provided, including telematic equipment, 
  • Optimisation of the use of road maintenance agents, 
  • Use of a fleet of specialised vehicles, often with double use (summer and winter maintenance of road infrastructure and waste collection), /link to the WASTE MANAGEMENT industry
  • High availability of data and the need to document the performance of the contract not only in the scope of the performed works, taking into account their type, but also the actual response time to the deterioration of road conditions, 
  • The need for effective planning and electronic communication with crews, including in conditions of time constraints during urgent interventions,
  • The need for multi-level documentation focused on vehicle operation parameters, the fact and quality of performed tasks or constant stocktaking of company assets located in equipment storage areas, 
  • Ensuring the data availability from different sources of origin in one environment and ongoing cost analysis. 

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