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Monitoring of orders and resources

  • Use all the data about the use of your resources and their work in the field, stored in an integrated manner, regardless of the type and number of XTrack tools used to create documentation. Information about the resources from all data sources, updated online on an ongoing basis, under one object representing the resource in the XTrack system. 
  • Observe the resources on the digital map by adjusting the presentation method to your needs: define the labels of recorded events, the size of event icons and their shape or colour. Your resources will always be visible even if they do not have GPS equipment installed; we can inform you about significant changes in their status with updated icons and detailed data about the parameters that have changed. 
  • Monitor the location of resources in the field, thanks to the GPS technology used in the XTrack system, also if their type does not allow the installation of a GPS equipment or if it is uneconomical because of the value of the resource itself. 
  • If you use vehicles, including speciality vehicles, and machinery outside the GPS location and its typical parameters, such as speed or direction of movement, we can log any number of additional parameters of the chassis, including CAN/FMS data and specialist bodywork with its characteristic data, based on the factory installation of the bodywork and/or using dedicated sensors. 
  • Monitor current information on the status of the tasks you have planned by receiving online notes, photographs and additional attachments related to the performance. 
  • Use a unique integrated field documentation module that uses video recording. We send videos online while vehicle is in operation and integrate them automatically with other logged data. 
  • Do you plan to use XTrack in an unusual way, and do you have special needs? If yes, look at the XTrack OEM section. With SDK XTrack, you can build your own dedicated solution and focus on the goals you want to achieve. 
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