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Identification and stocktaking

  • All your resources can be presented as an object in the XTrack system and receive individual identifiers. This distinguishes our solution from traditional GPS monitoring systems, where the software only displays a list of GPS locators installed in vehicles.
  • Depending on the use case, we optimally select the types of identifiers to ensure highly effective and precise readings, and follow industry standards. 
  • Our system supports a wide range of reading technologies: LF RFID 125 kHz Unique, 134.2 kHz FDX, 134.2 HDX, HF RFID (13.56 MHz, NFC, Mifare) and UHF and barcodes. 
  • The resources you identify in the field are assigned the last GPS position with visualisation on digital maps. 
  • The location of objects can be observed on accurate digital maps supporting your additional layers and POIs. 
  • Each identified object has its own individual history. 
  • You always know if your resources work at the customer's premises or if they are ready to handle new tasks. You can assign your resources to specific customers. 
  • If you cannot or do not want to use tags for your resources by entering an object into the XTrack system, simply skip the step of tag assignment. When operating an object in the field, select it from the list and update its status. In this case, the XTrack system refreshes the location on digital maps and archive data about the resource use. 
How do we do it?

Identification of resources with the RFID technology


Why do you get more and better with us as part of a resource-identifying solution?

You are unsure whether RFID technology is for you? Explore the use cases of individual RFID ranges, the reading methods used with them, advantages and limitations in their use.

Stocktaking of resources

How is stocktaking carried out?

Explore the benefits of the XTrack stocktaking tools

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