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Fuel distribution management

  • Maintain full control over fuel management in the company from the moment of delivery to the in-house fuel station to the consumption of fuel by means of transport. 
  • Go to the self-service mode and give individual authorisations to collect fuel and other materials (AdBlue or windshield washer fluid) by individual employees, vehicles and equipment. If necessary, you can remotely manage the authorisation. 
  • Check the filling level in the storage at any time or configure an automatic alarm that informs you and/or the supplier about replenishing the stock. 
  • If leak sensors are used, the system automatically informs you about the liquid between the tank shells. 
  • Log deliveries in the system with the size of replenishment in the reference conditions at 15o Celsius. 
  • Take advantage of online delivery and release data.
  • Periodically balance the storage with constant liquid temperature measurements and two release values when reporting distribution at the actual temperature and with the temperature correction. 
  • Gain insight with the automatic reporting function. You receive a summary of the entire distribution from the storage divided between vehicles and employees with the information on the average consumption and compliance of the report with the introduced standards. 
  • In the reporting data, by using the fuel price from individual deliveries to the warehouse and adding the data on the VAT rate from accounting to the means of transport, the system facilitates the settlement of costs. 
  • If you already use the 125 kHz Unique or NFC tags in your company, you can also use them to authorise the release by the XTrack System. 
  • You can enrich your data on release by additionally using the XTrack Image Recording System. (link) 
  • If you already have other XTrack monitoring solutions, you can manage your distribution control system with the same XTrack software. Also in this case, the data is fully integrated, e.g. information about the release generated in the distribution management system is visible in the vehicle or the machinery’s history. 
  • An international team of employees handles the management system in their own languages. 
  • If you apply the complete refuelling requirement in the company, you can turn off the visibility of the liquid level throughout the storage or individual combined tanks. You can also disable the visibility of the released fuel and the counter value showing the total amount of liquid released from the beginning of the operation of the XTrack management system. In addition, the system records information about the stop and resumption of liquid flows during the release. 
  • Distribution data to external IT systems in the company can be downloaded with the XTrack API. 
How do we do it?

We document the entire fuel circulation

We ensure self-service of the system

We support liquid level and temperature probes

We transfer data recorded by the terminal to the system in real time

We offer an additional integrated image recording system


If you deploy your own in-house fuel station from scratch, i.e. a tank with the XTrack Fuel Terminal, ask for the offer of our general distributor, Kingspan (link: Contact Kingspan | Kingspan | Poland). You can receive an advantageous offer for the purchase of the Terminal complete with a tank. 

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