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e-TOLL support

e-TOLL is an electronic toll collection system introduced in 2021 in Poland, which replaced the viaTOLL system. 


XTrack provides e-TOLL support as part of the system of documentation for vehicle and machinery operation and resource management in the field. This means you are ready for e-TOLL by selecting any of the XTrack equipment as a starting point for the build of the XTrack ecosystem in your company, automatically and without the use of double IT systems in vehicles and in the office. 


All e-TOLL-enabled XTrack equipment have E approval that guarantees legal and safe installation in vehicles and machinery. 


e-TOLL in XTrack form solutions consistent with both the OBU (On Board Unit) and the external positioning system. Depending on your needs, we offer solutions designed for self-assembly in the cigarette lighter socket, OBD diagnostic socket or directly to the battery terminal, as well as equipment intended for permanent installation. 


If, after the implementation of basic equipment, your needs increase over time, you can still use our solutions using more advanced models of XTrack loggers and their additional modules (link to monitoring). 

For your convenience, the ordered XTrack equipment already at the stage of preparation for work are automatically recorded on KAS servers. Therefore, the only step you need to take is to link the XTrack equipment to the vehicles in your own e-TOLL company account. The business numbers and PINs are available during cooperation in the provided XTrack software. 


If your company uses a dedicated GSM operator offer and you want to further optimise our proposal, you can use your own SIM cards to support the e-TOLL system in our equipment. 


Even in the case of a basic e-TOLL service, only for travel settlements, you receive 24-hour access to the XSS (XTrack Service System) application portal. 


Our experience shows that KAS specialists still develop their software on government servers. Their temporary unavailability for XTrack equipment on your vehicles is not a problem. We have thought about it and our software can complement any data in KAS when the government servers are available again. Also, you do not need to have any concerns when KAS makes changes to its servers. We constantly adapt our software to the modifications made by the government. 

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