Our history

At XTrack, we have been living and breathing new technologies for more than 30 years. We are open and responsive to the opportunity to creatively apply technology to business, as the DNA of our operations. 


We started by designing and making prototypes and models in mechanics, electronics, automation and IT. These formed a solid groundwork on which today we base our knowledge of how to create innovative solutions. 


With industry know-how and interdisciplinary experience, we seek areas where we can really support entrepreneurs. 

As a result, we have opened the door to GPS technology. 


We have created GPS solutions to support the management process for resources in the field. We have proudly accepted the title of a pioneer in their implementation in many industries, starting from municipal services. 


We perceive the role of the pioneer as an honour and at the same time as motivation to become the leader and ethical partner in business. We are committed to providing the most useful, reliable and long-term solutions for customers to make the XTrack ecosystem the best solution available to them. 

Today Xtrack involves:

  • A consistent family company backed by Polish capital and a flexible organisational structure. 
  • A team of over 50 specialists in new technologies, who co-create an organisation that successfully combines the language of programmers and business. 
  • A company with a broad and creative perspective on the role of new technologies in daily support of the business operation. 
  • The ability to see new opportunities and creatively translate them into new ideas for the customer that makes us proud. 
  • A business partner thanks to whom the customers never stay behind. We have prepared about 50 system updates every year, which gives hundreds of new and improved functionalities. 
  • Original software, including a mobile app to support everyday work in the field or a video recording system, which works perfectly with the software and systems used by customers. 
  • A source of practical knowledge on the operation of the vehicle fleet and machine location, task handling, use of resources in the field, distribution of operating fluids, including ON and AdBlue, as the basis for further good business decisions. 
  • Uncompromising quality resulting from both the know-how used in our own solutions and the global reputation of technological partners. 
  • Real and daily support for business processes in the waste management, construction, agricultural and distribution industries. 

Why us?

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We change business for the better

2 000+
countries where we operate
implemented and maintained weighing systems
implemented and maintained RFID systems
3 000+
fuel terminals
690 000+
managed RFID tags
53 000+
monitored facilities
1 200+
cameras on vehicles 
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