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  • Performance and monitoring of works in dispersed areas with significant surface, 
  • Use of a diverse, specialised equipment storage and additional tools which belong to the company’s assets with significant value, 
  • Often extensive organisational structure of farms with many bases and rotations of equipment, 
  • Crews working not only directly as machinery drivers/operators, but also as multi-person teams processing harvesting, 
  • Need for daily planning and delegation of tasks and two-way communication with employees, 
  • Need for multi-level documentation focused on machinery operation parameters, the fact and quality of performed tasks or constant stocktaking of company assets located in the field, 
  • Ensuring the data availability from different sources of origin in one environment and ongoing cost analysis. 
  • Monitoring of the use of agricultural production means and monitoring of their levels in warehouses. 

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Planning and delegating tasks

Monitoring of orders and resources

Identification and stocktaking

Reporting and analysis

Fuel distribution management

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