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We are a family company founded in 1989. Initially, we dealt with the design and making of prototypes and models in the fields of mechanics, electronics, automation and information technology. Observing customer needs and market trends helped us to notice the potential in the developing GPS technology. This was the inspiration to create XTrack system.

Over the years on the market XTrack evolved – from the basic GPS monitoring system it became a comprehensive platform for supporting effective management of not only the fleet of vehicles and machines, but also of orders, fuel and resources in the field.

Today XTrack system enables, among others, to monitor vehicles on a digital map, taking into account own layers and locations, registering operating parameters of machines and equipment mounted on them, planning and optimizing routes, identifying and managing various objects, controlling fuel economy, electronic communication between the dispatcher and the drivers, reporting and analyzing all data stored in the system.

Due to a flexible design XTrack system can be tailored to the specific needs of each industry, and modular design allows to use only selected functionalities without the necessity to implement all the solutions.

The undoubted advantages of XTrack system made it popular in industries such as water and sewage, construction, distribution, trade, agriculture, forestry and transport. Our solutions can also be found in airports, railways and in public service vehicles.

XTrack system has more than 1400 customers located in 15 countries on 4 continents.

The continuous development of technology and the growing needs of our customers inspire us to extend our offer. That is why more than 60 people are constantly working on innovation and the highest quality of the delivered products and solutions. Our experience and targeting on customer satisfaction often enabled us to set new directions of development of the market.

XTrack is also an extensive network of dealers and service engineers who provide comprehensive services to our customers.

A team of experienced professionals, many years of experience, our own hardware design department, continuous technological development and cooperation with world-renowned partners guarantee the highest level of our products and solutions.

We are trusted partners for ZOELLER TECH, Kingspan Environmental, Contena-Ochsner, CARGOTEC, RG Techno, HIAB, Judesio Technika and others, which proves the advantages of XTrack system.

Why XTrack?

XTrack original product

our system is 100% developed and created by our staff

Modular design

allows to tailor the system to customer needs

Trust of our partners

we cooperate with the leading manufacturers of specialist vehicles

Integration with other systems

allows to exchange information with external systems, eg. ERP, FK

Service module

allows to track the execution of each service ticket 24/7

One platform

we put all our solutions in one coherent system

Adaptable solutions

XTrack system can be used in any type of fleet

Wide experience

more than 1400 implementations around the world

Increased efficiency

effective use of resources while reducing fleet operating costs

Data security

the system is installed on the client’s server

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