The essence of XTrack OEM

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Make your products and services smart and connected within weeks.

Who is XTrack OEM for

XTrack OEM is for any enterprise which needs to extend their product portfolio with telemetry, route planning and mobile apps. Our partners may be:

  • Special vehicle and machine manufacturers and distributors
  • Software integrators
  • On-board system manufacturers including dispensing systems, weighing solutions
  • Companies offering field services (eg. fleet maintenance)
  • Companies which distribute infrastructure and mobile components (containers, mobile tanks)

It takes us weeks to deliver functionality that others would develop for months or years

Telematics/IoT R&D projects can last for years and success is never guaranteed. With XTrack OEM all it takes is just a few weeks of configuration and “rebranding” to make it an integral part of your product portfolio.

Flexible gateways provide solutions to read your proprietary data from CAN, LAN and other interfaces including analog sensors. With the software package you get the following functionalities out of the box:

  • Vehicle/machine/asset tracking
  • Maintenance modules (to schedule and manage maintenance of your products)

One telematics platform to address your needs

With the XTrack OEM platform you and your customers can manage any of your in-field services and resources. Integrating data from your machines and vehicles, field service team work documentation and resource management into one map-based system offers benefits to machine and vehicle suppliers as well as their customers.

XTrack OEM integrates data from different sources with your ERP system using standardized API to create a solid foundation for your integrated IT solution.

Make your products robust and more reliable quicker

Vehicles and machines are getting more complex. With XTrack OEM your R&D can evaluate product innovations with real-life and real-time data from prototype and pre-production units. Hence, it allows to verify key design choices, tune control systems and provide reliability while keeping high performance.

XTrack OEM allows R&D teams to collect data in real time with just a little configuration. With sampling rates of up to 1000 per second, any new design can be evaluated comprehensively before the beginning of serial production and averting the risk of offering hundreds or thousands of faulty or sub-standard vehicles or machines to customers.

Open System, Flexible Licensing

Most telemetry systems are closed. That is why manufacturers prefer to develop their own systems in order to stay independent and have their intellectual property rights protected. This often results in spending 80% of time and resources on developing generic functionality.

With XTrack OEM we are open to any licensing scenarios. You can select components that your project needs and let your in-house R&D resources focus on project specific, innovative and proprietary functionalities. We are open to share source code with our closest OEM partners.

XTrack OEM architecture makes a difference

With almost 30 years experience in industrial data collection and processing, we created a robust, flexible and highly configurable platform.

As mentioned in the video above, there are three main aspects which differentiate XTrack OEM, namely:

  • Data collected by any device can be cross referenced to any object. This means that no data-collection device is exclusively collecting data for one object
  • Anything can be an object in the system
  • Data collecting devices and systems are highly flexible

XTrack OEM – comprehensive, automated data collection

XTrack solutions OEM

To ensure flexibility and add value, XTrack collects data from different sources using five key technologies.

XTrack WorkMate

XTrack WorkMate is designed to optimize the work of technicians, drivers, operators and any other in-field team members. It is used for:

  • Documenting work performed by in-field crew members
  • Managing infield assets (objects) using NFC/RFID technology
  • Driver-dispatcher communication with route and  task management

What makes XTrack WorkMate unique is its flexibility. The app can be configured by a technician within hours to serve virtually any infield task. The same app can be used to document service and maintenance tasks, serve as an on-board route computer to guide the driver and for many other purposes. 

We offer a dedicated tool to configure the app:

Telematics Gateways

XTrack telematics gateways offer powerful and versatile hardware. Yet their key advantage difference lies in the embedded software that runs on them.

XTrack gateways can be configured to collect data from any CAN interface within days (including communication and front-end/reporting configuration). They can communicate with devices such as cameras, weighing systems, onboard terminals, and various sensors. XTrack telematics modules support all major RFID standards (LF, HF, UHF), hence they can identify people and assets (like cargo etc.) and record events on their behalf.

The key advantage is that XTrack gateway software can work on non-XTrack hardware to integrate it with your control systems, operator terminals, and other system components.  In this way, you can leverage your investment in existing solutions and make them future proof.

Asset tracking

For active asset tracking, we offer low power, smart devices that send data when triggered. The trigger can be a movement, a fluid level change or another impulse. These devices are suitable for tracking valuable assets in remote locations, with guaranteed 5 years of battery life.

Asset identification

All major RFID technologies are supported by XTrack, including LF, HF/NFC and UHF. The system identifies containers, waste bins, trailers, agricultural machinery used with tractors and assets handled by cranes, hooklifts or others.

Additionally, XTrack OEM supports access lists for persons (employees/operators/drivers/customers) who are allowed to refuel, drive vehicles, operate machines and access locations or devices.

XTrack NFC

Access control

Terminal paliwowy XTrack XT4

The XTrack Terminal is an example of an access control system currently used mostly in mobile fuel and AdBlue dispensing tanks. It is the XT4 gateway expanded with built-in RFID/NFC reader, LCD screen and keyboard. Other applications of this unit include: pay-as-you-throw waste collection bins, gates and other access control systems and terminal for loaders on compactors (RCV’s).

Branding package and full integration with your infrastructure

XTrack OEM is a white label solution, which means that you can brand any component offered. Both our software and the XTrack Terminal keyboard can easily incorporate partner logotypes.

Companies using XTrack OEM

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